information about the desert of Merzouga

Morocco is not a similar destination to any vacation package. However, the experience and sensations will be completely different. In this section, we will dedicate to give information about the desert of Merzouga so you can live a good adventure.

Erg chebbi

The main desert around Merzouga is Erg Chebbi. It is composed of sand as its prefix indicates (Erg) and Chebbi is the proper name of the desert, usually called Merzouga.

This desert is the most famous in Morocco. Its landscape seems to be extracted from fantasy tales, where dunes up to 150 meters high can be observed.

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As an informative note, mention that Merzouga is a town where you start to know the erg Chebbi desert. Although it is the most tourist town, there are connections from Hassi-Labiad, Tanamoust or Takouit.

Other deserts that are found in the area are Erg Chigaga and Erg Ouzina.

What do you do in Merzouga?

Next, I will list a series of activities to perform on this splendid trip:

  • Draw the dunes. We recommend doing them with our quad to feel the thrill of an adventure in the desert.
  • Sandboarding In Merzouga you can rent one to practice this sport to enjoy the desert.
  • Dromedary ride. The most celebrated way to go to the jaima camp.
  • Search animals. From small insects to foxes.
  • Contemplate the sunrise or sunset in the desert. You will be surprised by the difference of nuances in the colors, mainly in the sand that goes from a reddish to yellowish tone as the hours of the day pass.
  • Enjoy a night in a nomad camp. The desert sky, completely clear and clean, provides a beauty night image where you can contemplate the moon and the stars.
  • Know another culture The richness of Moroccan culture is widely varied. Above all, you will be surprised to learn about the approach to life of the inhabitants of the desert.
  • Taste the best local Moroccan dishes.

Other places to explore during your stay in Merzouga

CIn addition to the activities mentioned above, it is essential to take time to get to know Merzouga and its surroundings. Although the tents are a unique experience, we recommend after the desert experience, to stay at a hotel in Merzouga.

From there, you can enjoy Moroccan culture. The Rissani market is authentic and very lively. It is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Another interesting excursion is to know Khamlia. Many times called Black people by their ancestors were brought as slaves from another part of Africa. In this town you can enjoy Gnawa music.

You can also go to the mines of kohl of M’Fis (mines exploited by the French), Taouz (necropolis and burial prints, the fossils of Erfoud (inside the hammada), oasis SAF SAF or the lakes of Dayet Srij and Lake Yasmina.

More information on the web called desertsaharatours.

Quad Excursions In Merzouga

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