Quad Routes for Merzouga



Little quad routes



You take a chance to live a one hour experience in quad routes for Merzouga and you feel the dunes vibrate under your feet. I entered into that variety of orange landscapes along with an atmosphere of total silence will make the experience unforgettable.



With a duration of two hours, we add new sensations to your experience such as exploring dunes of different dimensions and resting in the shade of a palm tree inside an oasis. These 2 hours allow you to explore the true meaning of the desert.


Entering the nomatic culture of the Sahara Desert




We are not going to cheat you. Life in the desert is tremendously hard, but it is amazing and magical. Our half-day route shows you the sea of ​​dunes until you reach the hammada. There you will meet the inhabitants of the desert (nomads), how they live and develop their austere life.

You will have the opportunity to drink tea in the shade of their tents. Are you ready to discover the secrets of the desert, daily life and how do they survive in this arid environment?

desierto erg chebbi


If you wanted to know all the details of the desert, you would choose one of these routes



A day to cross dunes is enough to discover the life in the desert in the nomadic settlements, to cross a sea of ​​sand, and to discover the secrets of the desert. The night will give you the possibility to find the serenity and tranquility that is breathed in your starry nights.

modelo de quad Yamaha para realizar un circuito
explorez une oasis à travers un quad


Once you visit the desert, you feel that you are trapped in it, you will want to spend more time to discover it more calmly. This route is ideal to meet this objective. We explore the hammadas, the sand rivers, the life of the nomads and even the three most common forms of dunes: the Erg Chebbi, Erg Znigui and Erg Ouzina.

You will spend the night in a nomadic tent camp which will allow you to enjoy the skies with absolute tranquility.

The most popular routes we makes through te Erg Chebbi dessert

all our routes usually star from the village Hassilabied, 5 km north of Merzouga. In this village, most people take a camel tour and see the berber life. Later, we move by quads to the following places

1- Dunes Tour.

2- Engravings of the Taouz region

3- Mines of the Taouz region

4- Nómads of the region

5- Mifis

6- Merdani

7- Znigué

8- Kemkia

9- Lac Serji

10- Lac Yasmina

11- Fossil fuels

11- Ouzina Jdaid Region

12- Camp of the region

13- Places designed to messure by the area

desert of Merzouga

You tell us what route you would like it and we will gladly organize it.

    desierto marruecos en quads

    A small brushstroke to know the desert landscape.


    rutas por erg-chegaga

    Unforgettable route to enjoy the desert lanscape.


    dunas a través deñ desierto de Merzouga

    Ideal Program to know all mysteries of the desert. 


    desierto de Merzouga

    Unforgettable experience for the most adventurous. They will be able to discover all the mysteries of the place. 

    Rent a quad for Erg Chebbi

    Rates of our routes in quads by Merzouga

    Then, we have a series of prices according to the routes in quads by Merzouga organized by us. However, you can always design your itinerary with the form above: 1 hour, 2 hour, 1 day, …, 3 day. Due to the great variety of routes, time, number of quads per groups, etc .; It is difficult to synthesize prices. However, you may send a email  or send us a whasatapp and we will inform you.

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